Altius Analytics Labs is a Health Tech Startup created by Engineers and Biomechanists. Our mission is to create a system that predicts, prevents, and manages musculoskeletal injuries (MSKs). 

Over 1 Billion individuals worldwide experience some type of back, neck, knee, shoulder, or other joint pain, including over 460 Million in North America. Direct costs to North Americans total $80 Billion per year. When indirect costs to health care, insurance, and employers are factored this totals upward of $500 Billion. As an individual, these factors do not include intangibles such as the often debilitating pain affecting psychological well-being and quality of life.

What motivates us is that this is a personal problem for our founding team. Between multiple agonizing orthopaedic surgeries, months of work lost, and reduced quality of life, this has been an unnecessary and preventable burden for us. It is said that experience is the best teacher, so our goal is to ensure no one has to experience what we've endured.