Movement ability is of the utmost importance in the athletic field. The beauty of a skilled athlete able to move with speed, force, and precision comes down to being a finely tuned machine. But unfortunately for athletes, from peewee sports all the way up to professionals and Olympians, the burden of musculoskeletal injuries limits their abilities.

For young athletes at the start of their careers, injuries rob them of the fun of this experience and can stay with them for the rest of their lives. For parents of young athletes this is a fear that comes out each time their child plays.

For amateur athletes, injuries stop them from developing into their full potential. This can be the difference between reaching their goals or having to give up their dreams.

For professionals, injuries can be the difference between a million dollar contract and being let go. Like occupational workers, these athletes depend on their bodies for their livelihood.

Altius offers a solution for all athletes and teams to ensure they're performing like a well-oiled machine. We provide:

  • Automated movement screening completed in a matter of minutes
  • Objective analysis of movement patterns and injury/performance risk factors
  • Objective tracking of performance metrics (speed, acceleration, power, rate of force development, etc)
  • Corrective exercise programs individually tailored to each athlete's needs that works with your S&C coach and/or therapist
  • Analytics database of player and team progress and trends
  • No wearables, suits, or tracking markers needed

If you're an athlete who wants to play to their fullest potential, a parent of a young athlete, or part of an innovative team that wants to push their performance to the next level give us a call to learn how we can help you!