Every morning, gym owners open their doors passionate about creating happier, healthier, and more confident people. Similarly, every day millions of gym members are eager to push their limits, have fun, and transform their lives. Unfortunately, there is a problem that stops both these groups dead in their tracks - musculoskeletal injuries.

Injury rates among the gym and fitness industry are staggering. In some gyms, over 70% of members are expected to experience at least one musculoskeletal injury. This is literally a painful problem for the gym members, and they're no longer able to get the most out of their gym experience. For the gym owner, injuries make for poor member experience and ultimately less revenue.

Altius has the solution for gym owners to keep their member happy and healthy. The Altius System is just what your gym needs to show your members you care and that you're at the bleeding edge of health technology innovation. We provide:

  • Hardware and software for our automated movement screening system
  • An objective assessment of member capabilities and imbalances
  • Progress tracking of your members' performance
  • A vehicle to drive personal training and membership sales
  • Analytics related to member engagement and your revenue generation.

Have injured members and poor member experience cost your gym money? Are you an innovative gym owner who wants to bring their members the future of training? Contact us and learn how we can help you today!