Musculoskeletal injuries have become an epidemic among employers. In North America, the cost for treatment and lost wages related to MSKs was over $200 Billion. This is not including the burden of further conditions that can arise from MSKs such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity; which add up to over $800 Billion.

At the heart of this problem is poor movement quality - when workers are exposed to working conditions that force them to perform repetitive dysfunctional movements and postures, it adds excessive stresses to their joints and soft tissues until an injury occurs.

Altius understands this relationship between movement and health, which is how we conceptualized our automated movement screening system. For occupational groups we offer a seamless and objective way to understand your employee's limitations and what you can do to correct them:

  • Automated assessments of employee movement patterns
  • Identification of imbalances and dysfunctions that may lead to injuries
  • Corrective strategies individualized to each employee 
  • Analytics related to your workforce's injury trends and costs
  • No wearables, suits, or tracking markers needed

Musculoskeletal injuries are costly financially and productivity-wise for businesses, painful and potentially life altering for employees, and frustrating problem to solve for health and safety professionals. Does this found familiar to you? Are you an innovator at your workplace committed to challenging the status quo of injury care? Contact us now to find out how we can help you.